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Prostate cancer most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK New analysis from Prostate Cancer UK suggests that prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. The increasing number of new prostate cancer cases has been linked to increased awareness and earlier diagnosis.

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Prostate cancer blood test could help to tailor treatment Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research ICR and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust have developed a new blood test that could help to predict how well patients with advanced prostate cancer will respond to treatment.

The test could help clinicians to make more effective treatment decisions for people with advanced prostate cancer. The ICR and Royal Marsden are now looking to incorporate the test into other clinical trials to assess its benefits.

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Read more at Science Focus. Cancer cells trigger inflammation to hide from viruses An international study led by a team at the Francis Crick Institute has helped researchers to understand why using viruses to kill cancer cells is only effective in a small number of people.

The team found that a group of cells, known as cancer-associated fibroblasts CAFscause inflammation in surrounding tissue when they come into contact with cancer cells.

Researchers think this inflammation makes it difficult for cancer-killing viruses to enter cancer cells, limiting the effectiveness of virus-based cancer treatments.

Find out about the study at the Crick és News Atlas.

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With COVID delaying cancer research and treatment, our researchers are using their expertise to help tackle the disease and get cancer services back on track, as our press release explains. The prostate cancer blood test nhs are now looking to get approval to start clinical trials.

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The study examined cases of breast cancer amongpost-menopausal women over a year period. Its findings suggest that women exposed to the highest levels of outdoor light at night had a ten percent higher chance of developing breast cancer during the follow up, compared to women with the lowest exposure.

The Sun has this one.

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